Sacred Plants


Grandfather Wachumo is a master plant that lives in the mountains, with thousands of years of medicinal use, and because it is a sacred plant, one of the conditions is to take it on a diet. The Wachuma diet is carried out in 3 options, of 3, 7 and 10 days according to the request of the participants, complemented with an infusion of each of the parts of the plant at dawn each day.

In the preparation of the medicine the trunk, the root and the flowers of the plant are used, its properties serve to purify physical, mental, emotional and energetic aspects. The ceremonies of the plant are performed during the day and at night.
During this period the food is natural, clean and based on grains, fruits and local products.


In the traditional use it is practised by healers, shamans and master plant healers of the Amazon. To take this sacred master plant in ceremony, our condition is to go on a diet. This diet is a space of recollection, introspection, reflection and rest.

The Ayahuasca ceremony is performed at night and in the daytime exceptionally. Considered as a psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist and healer, it acts as a purge through cleansing, physical and spiritual detoxification. Today it is used by people immersed in spiritual practice.

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