Located near one of the wonders of the world "Machu Picchu" with more than 20 years of experience in the work of organisation and diffusion of Andean spiritual practice, spiritual, mystical, esoteric, religious and metaphysical groups, etc.


It is to create expansion and openings of personal consciousness in spiritual practitioners, in the great centres of power that we inherited called sacred places.
The Inti Wasi Spiritual Centre shares ancestral Andean-Amazonian healing practices of individual and collective healing with:

- Sacred plants of the mountains (Wachuma) and the Amazon (Ayahuasca).
- Offerings to Pachamama for health, work, love, etc.
- Healing retreats. - Healing Retreats.
- Spiritual openings.
- Construction of personal and universal Andean Altars (Andean table).
- Natura-therapy.
- Pilgrimages.
- Shamanic, Therapeutic Massages with Andean techniques.
- Purification and harmonisation of the bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, with flowering baths.
- Reading of coca leaves.
- Andean Marriage.


It is a collective, a community of spiritual practitioners from the Andean world, ready to open and share the great wisdom to revolutionise the personal and psychological consciousness of the beings who come to our centre or contact us.

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